A frequently asked question is “how much does a video cost?” That’s tough to answer without more information. Just like asking “how much does a house cost?” or “how much does a car cost?” What type of home or car are you interested in? What are your living or driving requirements? Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage or car loan and know how much you can afford? These questions are similar to ones we need to ask when establishing the budget for your video production.

Media Image will provide a no-cost Audience/Needs Analysis to determine the best use of video for your specific marketing, training, informational or fundraising needs. From this analysis we will prepare a cost estimate that will list all line items pertaining to the creation of your video.

Some people ask what the “per finished minute” cost would be. Well, videos aren’t priced per minute. They are priced by the pre- and post-production services that need to be rendered. Sure, when the video is finished you can divide the length by the cost. But all you get is a number that doesn’t really have any relevance to anything else.

For example, Media Image has created a $3,500 thirty-second TV spot and a $2,950 one-hour program. So the thirty-second commercial cost $7,000 per finished minute and the one-hour program cost about $49 per finished minute. As you can see, not an accurate way to determine estimated video costs.

Please email or call 508-264-1373 and we will prepare a custom cost estimate for your specific multi-media or video project.